Today we practiced with Lilja and Sóley, loading them into the horsevan, ready for the off, whenever….

We set up the horsevan first in the indoor school with lovely enticing and easy to eat haynets while filling our pockets up with bite-size carrots.

Sóley marched straight in and we put the partition across for the first time.  She was happy to stay there and munch her haynet.

Lilja was a bit more cautious but, with lots of praise and carrots, she did load and I think Floss and I are going to practice this speshul skill every day.  We took her in and out a few times rewarding her massively while Sóley continued her munching.

Sóley would live in there if she could.  The haynet was her friend.

But we succeeded, which is an achievement.  Flossie was very good with Lilja.

So practise, practise, practise and more practise until they sail.

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