Wanting to Make Your Acquaintance

Little Himself, aka Dreki (Dragon) wants to make friends.

So, Daisy sat down in his field and waited.

(I love his lugs (ears) in this shot) – Dreki is inquisitive++++!)

And so the little dragon approached.

Daisy knows the drill – do nothing.  Let the foal come up to you.

And the little black dragon approached.

He sniffed.

Then he let Daisy give him a scritch.

And with that, Dreki melted.

Lots of investigations of the new human.  He tried to eat Daisy’s hair.

Et voilà.

Dreki now owns Daisy (as does Lilja, Lyra and just about every horse and pony at Thordale).  They all adore her.

Tis the way.  Dreki says so.  He is a determined chap.

11 thoughts on “Wanting to Make Your Acquaintance

  1. Terri

    Daisy is a horsewoman in the finest sense — in addition to her excellent riding skills, she knows how to charm them. No surprise that Dreki is smitten! This is another perfect story for a little book! (just sayin’)

  2. Nancy

    Awww, Dreki!!! Sooooooooooooo cute!!!
    I would love to meet one so young one of these days! It must be so fun! =D

  3. Louise Stopford

    Those ears and eyelashes are wonderful. Think Daisy will have a friend (another friend) for life now.


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