Wandering the Fields

Yes, you guessed it, more fun with my camera.

In the garden….

And then out into the fields.

We have carpets of marsh-marigolds.

The wild primroses are the best they’ve been in years.

They look like mad scrambled egg on the steep sides of the burn.

A little dog-violet.

And a small smattering of spring squill – the first I’ve seen this year.

Into the next field and of course Efstur came wandering up.

He posed.

Likewise his bro – Dreki Dragon.

Taktur was lovely.

I could take photos of him all day.


I clambered over a fence and found little Harry was my best friend.  This is the first time he has really come over to be chatty. I sat on a rock and had the best hugging time ever.

We are best friends forever now.

Right, now, and I mean it today, I am going to watch Chapter 2 of how to use the camera!  I still haven’t managed – my excuses are I went riding this morning, Minions, washing and filling duck-ponds, clothes washing, irate email writing (admin), wandering around the fields…….

7 thoughts on “Wandering the Fields

  1. Celeste

    It’s very fun to see your pictures with your new camera. Those flower shots are beautiful! And I’m SO glad to hear that Harry is now snuggly and friendly, that’s how he’s supposed to be. Hope he continues growing up into a handsome, friendly guy. He’s so beautiful!

  2. Joe Boyd

    You’re doing great with your new camera. I have had my iPhone for three months, and I still have not finished Chapter One! They call it a smartphone. It must be, because it is smarter than I am.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Great Photos Frances! Love looking at them. Love all the flowers around you too. Do your horses realize they’re squishing the flowers? do they care? 🙂


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