Walls & District Annual Show 2013

It was a very early start.  Judging on the showfield was meant to begin at 09.00, so Team Thordale were on the pitch at 08.30 with all our helpers. BN2A8354BN2A8521BN2A8432 This was the silverware we were all competing for. Apparently it is about the “taking part that matters”.  Okaaaaaaay! BN2A8352 I wandered about at the beginning, while I could still walk, taking a few snaps. BN2A8358BN2A8528BN2A8473BN2A8364  BN2A8460 And then the serious stuff started.  PingPong was first in – STALLION, 4 years and over, licensed.  Jo was his handler.  She did all the hard work, like running.  He just had to look gorgeous. BN2A8527BN2A8551BN2A8558  BN2A8648BN2A8571 It was a good field, as they say, about 10 competitors, (I think) and Indy was placed first.  He was wonderful, a very good boy with perfect manners.  The judges loved him and he enjoyed the attention and Jo’s huge snog for being so perfect. L1100391BN2A8679 He spent the rest of the day, very happily waiting for the Championships. BN2A8698 Next up were the three girls in MARE, 4 years and over, who have not reared a foal this year.  This was a huge class and it was split up into the miniatures first and then standards.  We were in the standard class. BN2A8734 First there was Jo with Velvereta. BN2A8742 FIona with Velia…. BN2A8750 Then Alan with Verona (roped in and bribed with egg sandwiches). Verona came 2nd in the section and then 3rd overall in the combined class.  We were very happy with the result.  The judges were over-awed by the high standard apparently. BN2A8747 They all looked superb and it was good to watch. BN2A8757 Indy offered moral support from the sidelines.  Bless him, he spent most of the day like this.  Just watching, taking it all in including everyone’s spare biscuits and coke (he loves coke). BN2A8761 Much feeding of Oreos and attention from everyone. L1100409 Next, PROGENY, two ponies, out of one mare or by one stallion.  Well that would be Velvereta and Velia.  They won the class.  Happy, happy. L1100414 The grooms were hard at work behind the scenes.  I was on Tramadol No 3 by now. L1100420 Another class – GROUP OF THREE PEDIGREE SHETLAND PONIES – We went with Indy, Verona and Velvereta. L1100427 L1100430 L1100434 They won.  I hope I am not sounding like a pot-hunter now because they are an odious species. L1100439L1100445 And, at the end of the day, and I am talking 19.00 by now (4th Tramadol, I can barely walk) – Indy went into the Championship. L1100441 Poor lad was exhausted.  By now it was 19.00 and he had been there for nearly over 10 hours.  It was getting to be a very long day. L1100471 L1100472 L1100478 L1100481 He won Senior Reserve Champion and we are thrilled.  He is our best boy. L1100498 L1100499 With that, we loaded them all up and took them home. L1100503 L1100507 L1100510 I don’t think I have been so tired for ages.  Jo, Fiona, Daisy, Arwen and Amber worked their socks off and I can’t thank them enough for everything they did, all in the call of duty. L1100513 So, to recap, and because I can, and I am so proud of everyone…. Stallion -1st – Millhouse Independant (won the Tiptigert Shield for Best Shetland Stallion) Mare, 4 years and over, who have not reared a foal this year – 2nd – Standard class – Millhouse Verona, 3rd overall Progeny, two ponies, out of one mare or by one stallion – Threapwood Velia and Threapwood Velvereta (won The Manson Trophy, which no one can find ☹  ) Group of Three Pedigree Shetland Ponies – Threapwood Velia, Threapwood Vevereta, Millhouse Independant (won The Golden Boy of the Isles Trophy – The Perpetual Cup) Reserve Senior Champion – Millhouse Independant (won The Lille Rosendal, Denmark Trophy) L1100523 This is Indy’s last show.  We have retired him from the show circuit.  He has done his bit and achieved all we want. BN2A8685 So that’s it.  Everyone did brilliantly.  I am still exhausted.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

13 thoughts on “Walls & District Annual Show 2013

  1. Cate

    Congratulations to all for a job well done.

    Indy looked superb. I love how his legs are like little tree-trunks! 🙂

  2. John Davies

    Loved the photos of the competition; your judges are “much” better dressed than the one’s over here at our fairgrounds!


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