Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my 50th birthday!  Yay.

For my birthday I was given some lovely presents and I had the best time doing the things I love most.  Daisy caught and brought in my horse so we could go for a birthday ride.


BeAnne had a little “birthday” ride too.


Having both my daughters with me and helping me brush and tack up Haakon was a very special moment.


We laughed….


Floss brushed….


Daisy did all the bits I can’t reach….


But, for me, this has to be the best photograph ever.  Flossie and Daisy, without being asked, giving me a hand by working on my horse.  This shot brings tears to my eyes.


I think I have turned into a soppy old bag in my ever advancing years.

L1100561 L1100563

Daisy created a Jedward on her own horse, Iacs!  It was not difficult.  His hair has a natural affiliation.


BeAnne was extra special preciousness.


The sun shone (for a while and then it rained) and Daisy and I went out for our ride.

L1100590 L1100591  L1100596 L1100598

Home again, racing the oncoming rain, for homemade coffee cake made and decorated by my two girls last night in secret (yer, right).  My whole day has been perfect.


(and OH is cooking supper)

There is nothing better than this.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Nicki

    Happy Birthday Frances, how lovely to ride in such a beautiful place with the sun shining too (better be born lucky than rich). So glad you’ve enjoyed your day. Enjoy your evening xx

  2. Cate

    All the way from Newfoundland, happy birthday, Frances, and thank you for sharing such a special day. Smartie cakes are the best, aren’t they!

  3. Sam

    Happy Birthday from across the pond! Everyone should do only what they love on their 50th natal day. For you, horses, for me, Legos. Congrats!


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