Waiting by the Phone

We dropped of BeAnne, nil by mouth, this morning at the vet for re-test of her blood plus a possible re-scan and dental.

For two weeks now, she has been on antibiotics, liver aid capsules with a hepatic diet syringed down her twice daily.

We have slowly seen the results – BeAnne perked up, her normal appetite returned mostly (it started by stealing cat food and then she moved onto eating her own food).  There are mind games too – you have no idea at the hoops she makes us jump through.  It got to the point when she started to eat on her own from a bowl when The Blue Danube was playing on the radio so we decided en famille that we would have to sing it to her at every meal time.  Someone pointed out that we had become like the neurotic couple in Best in Show with Busy Bee!

So, anywho, we went back to the vet as requested to see what, if any, progress we had made.  We left Her Maj there, signed every Consent Form, left all available phone numbers and came home.

I have spent the day sat next to the phone, even phoning the vet twice to check our phone worked (yes, I was that sad and desperate for her results)!

The good news is that BeAnne has kept her weight on and the liver enzymes, although still high, are now not off-the-scale-high and have come down hugely.  Although not safe enough for a general anaesthetic at the moment, the plan is to keep doing what we are doing (ie sing the Blue Danube) and keeping her eating her liver-function improvement pills, finish the antibiotics and if, in a month, her liver enzymes are signficantly better, then she will have her teeth sorted out.

We’ve just got home. BeAnne ate a huge dinner and is asleep exhausted having “sung” continuously to the veterinary staff.  I have a migraine now from all the worry and the waiting.

12 thoughts on “Waiting by the Phone

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Well now, BeAnne is doing better, but you need to take care of yourself! Since I also was a migraine sufferer (age distances us from that problem apparently), know what you must suffer – so stop, relax and enjoy having BeAnne feeling better. Expect you might be in bed, so just try sleeping if possible.

  2. Sam

    Oh the terror, jitters and pacing when waiting for teat results on our critters. Know it well. Glad BeAnne is showing signs of improvement even if you all have to sing for her supper. Sip that gin if needed and get some rest, BeAnne is in the house.

  3. Linda Loba

    Sounds like good, hopeful news to me. That, and the fact that she’s eating.
    (You’ll probably be able to wean her off the Blue Danube music…eventually)

    I hope you’ll feel able to relax a little now.

  4. Cathy

    I’m so pleased she’s making progress. Little steps maybe, but all good. I sympathise with you about the migraine, but it’s all part of being so relieved about her results.

    Try and relax ….. Gin helps!

  5. Judith Garbutt

    Phew, I can imagine your relief. I hope she continues to make good progress and that you get the chance to ‘de-stress’. I hope, too, that your mum is staying safe and well – another worry you could do without with this awful virus rampaging through the country. Thinking about you.xx

  6. diane in northern wis

    Bless your heart, Frances. So glad to hear that BeAnne is making some improvement. May she continue to do that, with all your hard efforts and beautiful songs!

  7. Amy Norris

    So good to hear Her Maj’s doing better. Thinking of you all. And so grateful for the pictures you post regularly. They lift my heart every time.


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