Feeding the Elephants

This was my view first thing this morning.

The daily bucket consisting of interchangeable roughage for Iacs and Klængur. I leave them to bicker between themselves as they get the same diet.  Basically fresh air fibre.

As you can see, neither really need anything but they would hassle Haakon unmercifully who has to have a vehicle for his medication.

Haakon’s food is also the same plus the world’s smallest handful of mare/youngstock mix (using it up and it cheers him up as he hates the taste of one his meds) with a combination of Devil’s Claw and Turmeric which is working really well for him this winter.  I can see a huge difference.

As I stand with my old friend, deterring circling vultures if necessary, all I can think is “this time last year” and I am grateful for every day I have with him.

They all know my rules.  Absolutely no hassling, on pain of death or there will be words and leaping up and down!

This is their huge field – looking over to Stourborough Hill.  I almost think the Spring grass is thinking of appearing.  Only almost.

Because the grass is at its “almost” stage, we still put out hay.

There is enthusiasm for any calorific addition we make in their lives.

I love this photo of Iacs burying his nose in the hay!

Anywho, the weather will be vile for the next 48 hours so all food eaten is going to help stoke the very efficient Icelandic horse central heating.

8 thoughts on “Feeding the Elephants

  1. Elizabeth O'Connor

    Hello Thordale, Ireland calling!
    It was cold and wet and windy here too today , probably not a fraction of what it is like on Shetland, so I must say I admire your strength and resilience for going out every day, as you do, and feeding the horses and ponies. I had a hard time making myself hang out the clothes earlier (it was dry then), and forcing myself to go for a walk.
    Feeling virtuous now, at home and with the time to do a round of the blogs I used to read; all the schools, universities and creches are closed, so I am at home with my 4 children. DH joins us tomorrow, his company has sent everyone home to work from home.
    best of luck dealing with the oncoming vile weather

  2. Patricia Shaffner

    Thanks for sharing your daily life with all if us. I feel like I know all of your 4 footed crew.

  3. Caroline Le Guin

    I have been joyously reading your daily posts for a year now, from a very distant West Coast of the USA. They are always wonderful, but right now they are a good reminder that not all the world is in the grips of the COVID pandemic. I”m lucky enough to be a. on a small farm (with 2 Icelandics and a pony) and b. able to work from home, and c. healthy. So I have much to be grateful for, and seeing Shetland daily through your eyes adds to my gratitude.

    1. Frances Post author


      He is called Eye-Ax !

      He was originally named by his breeder in Scotland after a very difficult-to-fill-in agricultural/government form, the scourge of all farmers – called the IACS Form (Integrated Administration and Control System). His breeder had been fighting with this form all day, only to receive a letter from the powers that be in the Icelandic horse world saying that all Icelandic horses born must have Icelandic approved names. So, feeling bloody-minded, said breeder decided to call his new foal Iacs to see if they realised what he had done. No one has ever picked it up or queried its origination, thinking that Iacs must be some lesser known Icelandic god or such-like! So now you know. The story of Iacs’ name.

      He is also called Mr Bimble after the man who lives in Fozzie Bear’s finger – who has been to the moon…. twice!

      1. Shelley

        What a good story. I like ‘Eye-Ax much more than what my brain kept calling him: Laks – even though it KNEW that was an I and not an L. Thanks Francis

  4. Sam

    I have enjoyed your flock of many critters since I only have Little Miss Maine Coon Cat -but she thinks she is a huge herd of bad opera singers right now. And like Haakon, she too needs a flavor to mask a medicine. Nice to see these gents looking good.


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