Today we had a visitor.

Guess who wanted to pop in?  He did ask very politely.

So, of course I said he could.  OH happened to be away filling the potholes on our track.

He is a funny chap (Lambie, not OH). He hasn’t been in the house for a while though he does spend most afternoons with me in my shed.

Of course, Lambie behaved perfectly.

He has quite a thing for Daisy these days.

I remain, however, chopped liver and Muzzah if he is in trouble.

After a while, when he could see we weren’t going to give him OH’s KitKats (only on his birthday (Lambie, not OH) which will be coming up soon. I must check), Lambie decided to leave.

There was much thinking about this process.  He knows where I keep his biccies.  High up and out of reach!

And he’s back!  Lambie’s abscence was brief.

This time Daisy offered him some of her coffee and with that, I left them to it.  People to do, things to see!

It was nice having Lambie in the house.  We must send OH out more often!


8 thoughts on “Visitor

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    I am laughing so much at Lambie’s antics. What a character! Yes find more tasks for OH to do over the hill and far away so we can see more of these, please!

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love your pictures of Lambie coming in and going out and coming in again. No biccies for that poor boy today? I love kit kats too!


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