Very Tired

A bit of a struggle today. I am feeling totally shattered so I will just leave these photos here.  After a long hospital visit in the morning/afternoon, I walked around the garden with my “new” camera which I have thoroughly ignored these past few months preferring my easy camera phone.

But I am determined to get to grips with this proper little camera while I am living here and even brough the manual with me to read.  A chapter a day, I tell myself.

It’s on my To Do list.

7 thoughts on “Very Tired

  1. Sam

    I am sorry you have had a hard day. Your photos of the garden are lovely and a soothing balm. Thank you.
    Little Miss Maine Coon sends some purrs to you.

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    Thank you for the beautiful photos; looks like you have this new camera down pat. Wishing you well; hope you are enjoying a nice long sleep.

  3. Kris

    Sending healing prayers your way. Try to sleep. It makes a big difference in your mental and physical health, especially when you are coping with so many draining events.
    Thank you for keeping in touch with us. We do worry about you and your loved ones. You are a special part of many families around the world.


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