Family Trip

From Daisy…..

Today Pepper and Monster went to see the vet – for different reasons.

Pepper had her second vaccination boosters while Monster was going in for the day – he needed an x-ray as he has chronic asthma.  We needed an official diagnosis plus a treatment plan.

Daisy and OH took them in together.  Pepper has put on a whole kilo since her last visit, so that’s good. She has discovered food now (everyone’s) and has a very healthy appetite, which is one thing less for me to worry about.

Monster stayed at the vet for the day, starving (we had visions of him eating the entire surgery staff) but apparently he was very good and well-beahved.  Pepper happily welcomed her best friend home.

Meanwhile Monster welcomed the thought of his supper, previous breakfast (all two), lunch and tea!  He missed them very much.

They are a happy, if odd, little couple.

Daisy also sent me this video. The first thing I said out loud was “that cat is a ruddy saint”!

5 thoughts on “Family Trip

  1. Sam

    Nice to hear Pepper is eating and gaining weight. Hoping Monster’s asthama is controlled. Little Miss Maine Coon is allergic to dust mites (which one can not get rid of), so if the vet puts Monster on steriods – have regular visits to make sure he doe not become diabetic. But yes, that cat is a huge ruddy saint for dealing with Pepper’s antics!

  2. Linda

    My 2 cents: I think animals (of all kinds) recognize babies when they come across them, and the majority understand their relative helplessness. (Now, I’m not necessarily saying EVERY animal is like this, but I keep seeing situations online and in my own life that seem to bear this out.)
    Monster is a good example, I think!

  3. diane in northern wis

    What a nice update from back home. Hope Monster and Pepper are both doing well….they look good in the pics and video. So fun to see them getting along so well. Bet your family misses you and Floss so much. May things get better for your Mum very soon….and for all of you.

  4. Deb

    Good news that Pepper wants to eat now. Hope the treatment for Monster is do-able, what a great guy he is. Thinking of you, take care of yourself too.


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