Vegetable Day

Today was my afternoon for packing vegetables for Transition Turriefield.

En route, I visited my out-lying horses and ponies.  All seemed well.  I even managed to lead Iacs, Klaengur, Waffle and Silver to drink through the newly opened gate to the loch.

Of course that old saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” was very precise so I have no idea where the boys were finding their water before in Fat Camp as absolutely no one was thirsty.

Ungrateful lot. Why I bother and whoever is leaving the gate open to the next-door park must stop.  Suddenly this has happened.  Funny that.


BeAnne came with me, as per usual. I have had to start her training again as she refuses to listen to a word I say.  This is not deafness, this is purposeful terrier belligerence and she is driving me mad.


Anyway, I had very nice afternoon packing vegetables. I was working the sealing machine, which makes me feel I am playing shops (my best childhood game).  A dream come true for me.

Afterwards, I went round the croft with my camera looking into its numerous polytunnels.

BN2A4397 BN2A4401  BN2A4405 BN2A4420 BN2A4424 BN2A4428 BN2A4433

On my way home, I saw this sheep doing what it always does every year – wading into the loch to eat the flowering Bogbean (menyanthes trifoliata).  That is the sort of thing Lambie would do!  I have never seen this anywhere but this loch.  Most strange but then sheep are, I have discovered.


Tweet, the carrion crow, who I left with my mother to look after, has a confirmed broken wing.  I am not sure what his future is but will try and find out.  I am very sad about this.  We tried so hard.

3 thoughts on “Vegetable Day

  1. Michelle

    I wondered where all the vegetables came from; would love to see a “big picture” photo of the growing operation. Shetland doesn’t appear to have a very hospitable environment for human food production!

  2. Linda

    I’m wondering if BeAnn is simply mad at you for “leaving” her.
    After greeting us, our dog promptly ran away when we returned from a long weekend…and he wasn’t boarded! He got to stay at home with friends!

  3. Linda K

    What an adorable little face (with a slightly sad, but wilful expression!) I agree, she’s probably not forgiven you for deserting her.
    I’m very sorry to hear about the crow. I really hope he does get to have a future.


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