Vegetable Creations 2019 Walls Show

As you know, the best part of any agricultural show for me are the vegetable creations.  There are a number of classes for different aged children to enter.

So here you are.  The creations are all truly wonderful, innovative and artistic inspirations.

There are some great imaginations out there.

The lobster, for me, was utterly ingenious.

I adore the expressions so cleverly captured.

There were classes for every age (children) and maybe even a small bite out of the bread first!

And this is my personal clear winner.  I just love his face  Whoever made this Mr Evil Potato has a career ahead of them making vegetable creations and should study the art of animation!  I see a potential horror film here.

On Wednesday there is another Shetland agricultural show which I am hoping to get to so hopefully I will see if they can match our district’s creativity.  I can’t wait.

5 thoughts on “Vegetable Creations 2019 Walls Show

  1. Kerry

    Brilliant – glad to see this as its just like our Devon village show, and we well remember the year our daughter made a hedgehog! Excellent photos as usual showcasing the imaginative youngsters in your area and has given both of us a good laugh. Can’t wait until we can get up there and see it for ourselves


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