Walls & District Agricultural Show 2019

We braved the weather to spend a lovely afternoon at our local agricultural show – the 2019 Walls & District Agricultural Show.

To be fair, it didn’t actually rain despite the looming grey clouds, much rain the night before, no breeze on the day with the added potential threat of midges.

So bathing in a DEET and citronella mix first (I found two bottles in the car), we walked around the showground.

I will let the photos do the talking.

Here is the serious bling which all the competitors want to win, obviously.

I started with the sheep – well you know why.

The usual different breeds.

Then up the field to the see the cows.

Pet Tent

Meanwhile, outside there was the annual parade of Up Helly Aa squads from various regions of Shetland.  They walk behind the Show Princess and the Attendants and a band.  It is very impressive and there is lots of cheering and Viking-esque war cries!

This year it was a lad who had been nominated as the Show “Princess”.  Brilliant.  I am so impressed.


Now the Show Hall for the crafts and cakes.

Outside past the lovely lovely tractors (always useful).

Into the nearby Church used on the day for the innovative floral exhibits.  It always smells lovely in there.

And then lastly into the Wool and Vegetables Tent.

I was not exhibiting this year.

And then lastly the Shetland pony ring that was just finishing up after a long day.

Tomorrow……. the Vegetable Creations – my absolute most favourite part of the whole show.




4 thoughts on “Walls & District Agricultural Show 2019

  1. Kerry

    That looks like a most excellent show and I love the “Princess”

    Glad that you also have the tradition of vegetable creations, we always loved to see what the children would come up with in terms of animals.

  2. Linda Loba

    Thank you for the tour of your fair – I absolutely love these things!
    (So sweet to see the cuddling sheep) and as one with Viking blood in my veins, it’s always a treat to see the Viking part of the fair!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh so fun to look at your pictures. I’d love to walk around that fair too! Can’t wait to see tomorrows pics of it all. Thanks Frances!


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