Tweet Tweetums Tweet!

I was asked if I could help this little bird – a baby oystercatcher, whose mother was tragically eaten by a cat.


This tiny wee thing started well – eating enthusiastically earthworms that I had dug up and chirping along happily.  He seemed strong.


But when we came home this evening, having delivered two uncooperative horses for their Simmer Dim (longest day) ride tomorrow, little Tweetums was less chirpy and a bit flop-bot.


I have been given some paste stuff by the vet to feed him and, after a little cuddle as well as this paste stuff, Little Tweetums perked again.


At the moment, LT is sitting in a cardboard box on top of a hot water bottle in a large barrel in the kitchen near the Rayburn  There is a lid on (protection from Wu) and I have popped my iPhone in playing English birdsong (thank you YouTube).

Apparently Oystercatcher youngsters are notorious for being very difficult to raise.  Death seems their only friend but Floss and I will do our best but we are not holding our breath.


On a good note, though, Tweet (the original – a carrion crow I rescued while staying with my mother) has made a friend in his wildlife sanctuary south.  His wing bones are healing very well so he may be released back into the wild soon.  I hope he has a future.

So healing vibes please for Tweet No 2.  Things are not looking too good at the moment but I will do my very best for him.

8 thoughts on “Tweet Tweetums Tweet!

  1. Linda K

    Sending more healing vibes for this little chick. He’s in the best place he could be at the moment. Happy to hear Tweet has recovered.


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