Ugh! The Weather

Well, we had rather a night of it.  The rain hurtled down while the wind viciously attacked. Indoors it sounded like a train was rushing past and the house shook and creaked.  The old men (Haakon and Iacs) were in the stable for the night but in the morning, I threw them out to get some fresh air and we called the others, who had been outside all night, in to eat a bale of hay and get some probably much needed rest.

After lunch (human), I went out to move everyone around again.  Haakon and Iacs were waiting to let themselves back indoors. They were not very impressed with outside, even though the weather was now calming down to being almost acceptable.

Floss and I led Kappi, Klaengur and Dreki out to their field leaving Taktur and Efstur in one part of the stable.

And the old men in the other.

These two make a wonderful double act.

You can tell they are related – cousins who have been together all their lives, bar a few early years when Haakon came to me and then Iacs followed later on.

Efstur (who loses weight if you look at him coldly) and Taktur (who loses weight because he is a stallion and he thinks “hot” stallion thoughts!) both had their daily food.

And then I spent the next half an hour trying all our rugs to find one that might be waterproof for Efstur.  It was good practice who was as good as gold.  I think this rug was originally his mother, Brá’s, one, when she first arrived in Shetland.  A good fit, I think.  Apparently it might stop raining next year some time.

3 thoughts on “Ugh! The Weather

  1. louise whyte

    we aren’t as bad as you but very windy and wet and mud everywhere.

    The donkeys are glued in the Donkey Dug Out with some straw…..they really would prefer to come into the stable yard like Aimee and Tintin….who haven’t been up the field in days


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