Force 10 Coming

Tonight, and tomorrow are not going to be pleasant.  Rain and gusting Force 10 so this morning, Floss and I prepared for the onslaught and then got ready to batten down the hatches.

The Minions are fine living all fatly in a friend’s field with long ungrazed grass and a good range of buildings for shelter.

So I am not worried about them.

Ditto the rather well-built ladies at Leradale.  They too have lots of long grass and the old house to hide behind if they want.  Brá is happy where she is, too.

So it is just the boys at home.  They are split into two groups.  Taktur and the younger ones are now in the lower field which has shelter from three sides and I have been saving it for just this kind of weather.

Then there are the two oldies, Haakon and Iacs.  As the sun was disappearing, I let them into the big stable and they didn’t need asking twice.

I have prepared haybags for the sheeple and they can do their own thing.  It is not that cold but as I type, the rain is now hurling itself at the windows.

It was such a pretty evening, too, but we have been expecting this filthy weather so we know what to do.  The front door is bolted (it can blow in) and there are lamps and candles ready if there is a powercut.  Unfortunately, we ran out of oil last night so we have no heating or hot water but we do have a gas stove to cook on and a multi-fuel stove in the sitting room which has a kettle sitting on it.

Hopefully it won’t be too bad tonight.

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