Two Sisters

It has been raining all last night and all today.  Everyone is very wet but it is warm so I am not worried.

I popped into Clothie where the girls live to have a little chat.  Yesterday from a distance I noticed Hetja is letting Lilja talk to Moonpie for the first time.

There are strict Rules which Lilja knows she has to follow – you can almost hear Hetja telling Lilja in this photo!

Little Moonpie, although soggy from the constant rain, is absolutely fine.

She is also utterly delicious.

She was desperate to talk to me but……

In the end her curiousity got the better of her and she came over as long as I promised to stay very still.

Lilja is intrigued and enchanted by her sister too.

They are very alike in character.

Lilja wants to tell Moonpie her Rules, Moonpie pretends to listen and then completely ignores them.

One rule is that only Lilja can talk to me.

Moonpie agreed and then marched up leaving Lilja behind.

I am totally in smitten and adore Lilja even more for wanting to get to know her little sister.

I think these two are going to be inseparable.

Meanwhile Buzzy Bee is trying hard to commit suicide.  We found Bee upside down this morning and have transferred him/her to a clear Perspex lidded box (also known as the cheese grater) and he lives near the cooker trying to warm up.  He is still very dopey but drying out a bit now having been drenched from his night-time acrobatics.

2 thoughts on “Two Sisters

  1. Linda Loba

    Healing thoughts for Buzzy Bee – he must have really gotten soaked by the rain.

    And hurrah for Hetja, Lilja and Moonpie – a sweet, sweet family!

  2. Samss

    Fascinating how the two sisters are in such synch. Love how Moonpie seemed to listen and then did what she wanted. Hoping Buzzy is doing better.


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