Turmeric Benefits

The daily bucket – the Old Men all have one first thing in the morning. The supplement, TurmerAid, is fed to these three for different reasons:-

Iacs – digestion and joints (after that colic episode last year, we are taking no chances). Daisy and I still ride him too.  His job is to be a steadying influence when Daisy rides out on Efstur.

Klængur – to get him to take a step back from that cliff he stands on the edge of and to stop listening to the voices in his head.  It worksvery well too – far less unnecessary spooking and feels much calmer and happier.

Haakon – because he is old and his joints are stiff.  He has to live forever too.

I often get asked if horses (and sheep) like TurmerAid and my reply is always “I have yet to meet any of mine who don’t”.  I can feed it to them on it’s own in my hand.

Haakon occasionally comes up for air!

A nice little “TurmerAid Tache”.

He’s not looking bad for a 26 year old Icelandic horse (scuse the filth – it is inevitable this time of year and I am not someone who brushes).

The rest of the morning was spent with Daisy “doing feet” – today was Waffle and Storm’s turn.

We had the usual audience.

Both were very good and I would even go so far as saying “helpful” – not a word one usually associates with Storm.

But today as well as behaving impeccably, Storm entertained me with his lovely smile.

So that was us and once home, I reached for my Turmeric Capsules so aptly named “Turm-Oil”. My poor back!

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