Another Good Day

I’ve just come in from another lovely day here in Shetland.

Yes, I was followed home – for the evening ginger biccie (‘Bert) was at the back having a chat with Daisy).  He appeared later.

This afternoon, I found Iacs hanging over the gate having been “deserted” by the others.  He was making noises to himself about the misery of loneliness so I took him by his chin-hairs and gently guided him back to his friends who had been hiding.

There was barely any wind today, which is a rare event for Shetland in itself. I made the most of it by taking photos of the crocuses before they are either blown away or crushed under foot.

And the snowdrops are now going along well.

I was not alone in the garden.

I love that coat very much.

And then rest of the afternoon was spent in my shed taking photos of two of my flutes – to be sold as I rarely get them out of their boxes – and a “Mum” sheeple.

So a good productive day. Oh yes, and I went for a lovely ride on Klængur while Daisy rode Efstur. The ginger ninjas behaved beautifully.


5 thoughts on “Another Good Day

  1. Sam

    Glad you had a nice windless day and that your crocuses are up. Artic blast with high winds in Southern New England today. Far too cold (wind chill of 8F) for any flowers to peak out. Sorry Iacs forgot he was “it” in the Hide & Seek Game. And BeAnne’s lovely vest is a good thing, as are your sheeps.

  2. darby callahan

    sounds like a perfect day. not seeing any trace of flowers here in New York, still very cold and windy, but tomorrow there is the promise of warmer weather and I am beginning to hear birds again.

  3. annie vanderven

    dthe winds deserted the Shetlands an paid a visit to Ct shaking the rafters making my havanese Sophie thinking someone was trying to break in….

  4. diane in northern wis

    What a busy day you had….and what a wonder crop of pictures of all God’s creatures and such wonderful crocuses and snowdrops. The purple of those crocuses is amazing. I guess it’s your photography that’s amazing! Love the new sheep you made too….and the pics of Monster and BeAnne out and about. A very busy and fun blog!


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