Travelling Home

There was the usual routine this morning with my mother – up early to walk Teddy, her dog, on the surrounding golf course before the hoards of keen golfers appear. It’s ok – Mum has full permission from the owners.

Today was particularly beautiful.

A hearty breakfast, a kiss goodbye and I take a taxi to Terminal 5, Heathrow which is luckily only 25 minutes down the M3.

I was nicely early so I checked my luggage in praying I would see it again safe and sound in Shetland – there is about a 50% chance of that.

And then through security and onto the shops.

I had a bit of time so I did some Christmas shopping as well as window-shopping for myself. I went to investigate Panasonic cameras and it was nice to see the actual cameras “in person”, so to speak, rather than just a description or review on a website.  I decided which one I will want when the time comes.  My little camera is threatening me with grinding noises.

I wasn’t going to waste my time sitting down when there were shops to look at.

Beautiful, lovely shops that were way out of my league but I can look and dream.

Onto the first plane (a big one) flying up to Aberdeen along with every baby, seat-kicking toddler and tired parent in tow.

And then onto the little plane to Shetland if only for the free hot drink and everyone’s favourite, a Tunnock’s Caramel wafer.

I am safely home now but better still, my luggage came with me.  All is good.

5 thoughts on “Travelling Home

  1. Terri

    Glad you’re safely home. Thanks for the lovely photographs during your stay with your mother. I’m sure there will be nose-kisseys and carrots galore this week! BeAnne, especially, must be so happy.


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