My Old School

Many years ago, in the dim and distant past, I went to school here.

Set deep in the heart of Jane Austen country, was Daneshill School, Dogmersfield Park, Hampshire.

I truly liked that school.  Although I was only there for year, it was the best. I went to four schools so I feel I can speak with some authority as to what makes a good school.

The school has since moved to other accommodation, after burning down (nothing to do with me, I swear) and the house is a very beautiful hotel, one of the Four Seasons group.

We drove over this morning and had a little look.  The staff were very kind and helpful.  They said I was the first ex-pupil to visit.

This was our library where we did our homework in the evening.

The stairs to the classrooms.

Mum sat in the gardens while I explored outside a little.  There was nothing much I remembered. I was only 11 when I was a pupil.

After our explorations, we popped into an antique barn on our way home.

I might have made a couple of purchases.

How could I not?!  Home tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “My Old School

  1. Margaret Robinson

    It must be nice to have a school that you liked, turned into something equally as good (though for different reasons) as this. It’s wonderful.

    The temptation of buying something in this beautiful barn would be over-riding. I’d buy a lot of “somethings”. It’s gorgeous!

  2. Catherine

    It’s a lovely place, on the way from where I used to live in Fleet/Hartley Wintney, and my dad’s in Odiham. It always had a very good reputation as a school! 🙂


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