Town on a Dreich Day

It was a dull dreich day so as we didn’t feel like riding much and having done our chores, Daisy and I took the horse-van for a good run into town to collect hay and horse feed. Then we went on to do our messages.

Surprisingly, the street was quite busy so how I managed to take a photo of the place being empty, I do not know.  I saw many friends and stopped to chat.  I wear a mask outside in public and can’t wear my glasses so probably missed a few too.

But it was very dark.  A low November light.

There were some good shop windows.  This is Anderson’s on Commercial Street.

And this was utterly gross.  Yes, they are eyeballs and it is from a spectacle and eye-testing shop.  However, it did make me stop and look twice just to check I believed what I thought I had seen while I walked past!

I popped into Jamieson’s Wool shop and gently herded five more curly sheep into their new field.

Lerwick couldn’t decide if it was Halloween or Christmas.

This was our lunchtime view – eating the best fish and chips from The Fort Cafe whilst sitting in the Pier carpark.

Dreich means “(especially of weather) dreary; bleak” but Lerwick is always beautiful.

An old town trying to survive in difficult times.

6 thoughts on “Town on a Dreich Day

  1. Sam

    If your mask is fogging up your glasses, it is the mask. Most “one size fits all” don’t fit. For fogging, you may need a fitted cotton mask with a wire nose piece to snug up. Also having a head loop and nape loop instead of the ears helps. But I have found a cotton mask with a single long elastic that runs from nape, behind the ear, across the back of the head, back down the ear and uses a toggle to snug up the nape is best with glasses. (yes sister #2 and I have made 600+ masks in New England that have been given away – we had the fabric donated and to sell seems wrong). And your Lerwick is lovely, still on my bucket list to visit.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I always enjoy the photographs of your visits to Lerwick. And it makes me jealous when you mention the fish and chips!

  3. Michelle

    I’ve found a brand of mask that works with glasses, but it would be spendy to buy and ship from the U.S. I’m sure. Glad to hear Lerwick was busy; I wish I could come! I fancy one of those Fair Isle waistcoats. Yes, I could knit one, but I’d rather suppose Shetland. Maybe I should shop online….

  4. Shelley

    Another mask tip: fold a length of facial tissue and place it beneath the top of your mask. Settle your specs on top of it. Worth a try.


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