Town for Food

It has rained for most of the day and some of us have run out of food (or gin).  So, leaving Daisy with Minion duty, I drove off to town.  Daisy opened the gate and gave eight very happy Minions (apparently there was cantering) the last of the big field.

The first task was to fit two bales of straw into my little car.  I had brought an old double duvet cover with me and told the man at the hay store “it was a challenge”. I can reliably say that two bales of straw fit perfectly into a double duvet cover and then into my little Honda Jazz boot.

Afterwards, a visit to the feed store which is situated next to the livestock auctions.

Lots of baa’ing around and I went over to investigate.

I would’ve taken them all home and had to force myself to go on with my messages telling myself they wouldn’t all fit in the car.  Not with all that straw.

The street was busy today – lots of folk around and I managed to ignore everyone I knew as I hadn’t got my glasses on.  My life was a myopic blur.

Note the Shetland flag in the street bunting.

Actually one of the reasons I was in town was to stock up my little field.  I had received a phone call yesterday saying it was looking a bit empty.

Not anymore!

It is getting hard to keep up to supply the demand. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

5 thoughts on “Town for Food

  1. Sam

    Gin, I mean food, is vital to survival. And yes, one can fit a lot of things in a Honda. Had an 1996 Civic that a 10′ tall Christmas tree was stuffed into. Now, sister was very cramped behind the driver and was sucking on exhaust fumes…but that tree was wonderful. Nice to see your Sheeple field in town repopulated.


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