Tommy, the Cat

Today I had a hair appointment so I drove into town leaving everything in my family’s capable hands.

I parked the car and saw this little chap on the saunter.

This is definitely a cat who knows his way around town.

And that’s because he is the famous Tommy, brother of Wee Kev (I ❤️ the name) who is a very famous cat and celebrity in Lerwick. You can even follow his adventures on his Facebook Page – The Adventures of Tommy.  I was very happy to see this little chap and we had a short chat.

Like most celebrities, Tommy is much smaller in real life, (though I am used to Monster, who weighs in at 6.1kg). Anyway, I and my stuff were duly checked out.

And then Tommy went on his merrily little way.  Definitely a cat on a mission. He didn’t want to stay around.  Anyway, it was good to see him as he is mostly in and out of the shops in the street depending on his day.

Meanwhile, while I was busily being made into a vision, Daisy was at home lungeing Hjalti in walk and trot.

She also tried on a saddle cloth to see if he exploded.

And then Taktur’s saddle.

There were no explosions so Daisy took Hjalti for a walk wearing all his gear with stirrups dangling.  It all went very smoothly.  Another hurdle over.



7 thoughts on “Tommy, the Cat

  1. Sam

    Tommy seems to be a dapper chap. But I love how there were no explosions over a blanket, saddle or stirrups. Well done, Daisy!

  2. Janet ainsworth

    Another smashing post Frances..Tommy is truly a special soul isn’t he..and I’m still thinking about saddles and explosions…only you Frances …only you

  3. diane in northern wis

    Ha…when I first saw Tommy the Cat, I thought you were going to say you adopted him and took him home and I wondered what the Monster would have to say about that! Daisy seems to be doing a very admirable job with Hjalti…so nice to know that such great things are getting done while you’re away becoming “A Vision”. Thanks for an always great blog!

  4. Terri

    I always enjoy stories about town cats — one wonders about the things they see and experience each day, and the people they meet along the way. James Herriott’s “Cat Stories” was so amusing. Someone should write another book along those lines. (ahem…)
    Brava to Daisy with Hjalti! She certainly knows what she’s doing. Hjalti’s training is turning out to be a non-event (no hissy-fits or explosions!). Hooray for the calm, gentle approach.


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