The Carrot in my Pocket

After lunch, Daisy and I went to catch some horses to ride.

It was Haakon’s turn but, as he was peacefully snoozing, I left him until the next ride. We were going out twice so he could wait.

I always feel ashamed when I wake up a horse and make him get up to go out for a ride.  It doesn’t seem fair or particularly kind.

Iacs, on the other hoof, was very happy to volunteer on behalf of himself, the carrot in my pocket and just about anyone who wanted to go.

He definitely knew about the carrot.

There is a carrot, right?!

I tried to get a photo of the two cousins together – which I sort of achieved.

Before Iacs remembered that carrot with his name on.

So, I left Haakon to his snooze.  He is an old man and he deserves to rest when he wants to.  We did go out later and it was a lovely ride.

So I looked around the field and quickly found another candidate and rode him instead.

Suffice it to say, it was a very fast ride on the Ginger Ninja, aka Klængur.

4 thoughts on “The Carrot in my Pocket

  1. Terri

    How kind, considerate, and respectful you are to all your animals! That’s why they bond with you. Mutual trust. I hope the ‘Ginger Ninja’ (hahahahaha) didn’t mess up your back!


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