Today I’ll Be Mostly Wearing …..

Today I’ll be mostly wearing ……. my Survival Suit.

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The Reality (houseplants extra!)


Survival suits are one of Shetland’s national costumes (the other is the boiler suit and yellow wellies).  They are standard issue for the Council ferry crew and a good piece of kit to own even if the likelihood of going to sea is negligible.  Windproof, waterproof and you can still function in the bitter cold as they are very warm.

Last night, we had a storm of phenomenal proportions with a 4 hour power cut during supper.  My hat goes off to the Hydro men who were out in that vile night trying to me mend cables, power lines, etc. That was not weather to be outside in.

Today is slightly calmer, still feisty but by comparison nothing like the last few days.  So less wind but now we have intermittent sleet and hail.  Hence my ultimate outerwear topped off with a balaclava and a fur hat.


I brought Taktur over for his grub and he galloped over enthusiastically from his field to his waiting bowl.  He knows it is just for him and looks for me to appear.


OH took the car to Lerwick for its MOT so I have had all the chores to do.  Dogs walked (some more reluctantly than others) and the house was vaguely cleaned (I might’ve sprayed polish about a bit).

Tomorrow I will try and get out and about to go and see how the others are getting on.  Jo has obviously been checking them regularly and giving out bales.  She said Klaengur was going outside now.  Huge piles of gunk have come out of his hoof and he is sound and much better.

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