To the Garden Centre

This is my last day here in Berkshire so Mum and I went to do what my mother loves most – going around a garden centre.

This is our local garden centre – Squire’s Garden Centre, Wokingham.

We had a trolley and did our best to fill it.

I was fascinated.

Flowering primroses (how are they flowering this time of year, I do not know – ours only arrive in late April) were for sale which made me smile inside as I have a whole bank of them at home growing wild.

Their primroses….

My primroses earlier this year.

(I like mine best)

We sped around, outside first and then indoors, with our trolley when I spied this little chap.  He has an “honest face”.

I did not buy this white cat for OH, despite his position of Chairman of the Monster Mutual Appreciation Society.

Inside and Christmas had well and truly arrived – yes, even on 5th November which is leaving it quite late by England standards.


Yes, I bought this little chap for Mum despite wanting him very, very much for myself.  He has a excellent expression.  Sadly, there was only one wol, though Mum has promised, when she goes again (and she will) to keep a look out for another one for me.

There was an absolute dearth of sheepie things (they are missing a trick, there) but a plethora of Scandinavian tomte/nisse (not my cup of tea).

Anywho, we trudged with our Christmas sledge around and I even managed to start my Christmas shopping.  Flying home tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “To the Garden Centre

  1. M in NC

    Will the little dragon be making the trip back to Shetland? He looks out of place in a tame garden shop.
    M in NC

  2. Sam

    The Unicorns look remarkably like your White Fairy Pony. Sorry – but too soon for the Christmas merchandizing for me.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I bet your Mum loves it when you come to stay and she must miss you so much when you go home. It looks as though you don’t waste a moment while you’re there.


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