They are Family

Some, possibly not all, folk think I am mad for worrying about my sheep.

But I do. They are family and, if they are not home, then I worry, especially for Edna who is, I think, quite old now.  I have to know that all seven have come home in the evening.  Whether they go to bed in their shed is up to them, though.

A few days back, when I was talking to someone about my sheep, I could see him give me a look of total disbelief when I said my sheep followed me around like dogs.  To him sheep live in a field, and you round them up occasionally with a dog, but they are not pets.

Today, my lot spent their daylight hours around the house (outside). This was the view from the kitchen window.  The weather was beyond vile (a thrashing Force 10 with rain) and even though the field gate was open, the sheep chose not to leave.

I spent my day away from the croft and when I came home, OH was busy feeding the ducks their supper before bed.

I rode shotgun on the food bowl and to be fair, no one tried to steal it – they wanted to, mind.

And then I was followed back to the house.  Note old Edna in the background.

Not for long!

She barged straight into the porch demanding a treat.  It seemed only fair as they had been good about the duck food situation.

And that was the other thing…… folk don’t understand why they are allowed into the house.  Because they are family!  I can’t say that enough.

3 thoughts on “They are Family

  1. Leslie W Jewell

    Of course they are family! Some people have been brought up with a limited view of the natural world. Sometimes it’s difficult to educate grownups.


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