As this is the time of year that the weather can be vile, the old folk have the choice of two fields so there is maximum shelter available and they can choose were best to be.

Their fields are situate in a small valley, which the burn (stream) runs through.  I can see them from the window too.

Along with the relatively high sides of the hills, there are also old dry stone dykes (walls) that give extra shelter, if needed from every angle.  The Minions have a similar set-up just further down the valley.

I know from previous years, that the horses do better outside than in and also without rugs in this kind of weather.  Indoors, they would panic at the huge noise and rugs on outside would be blown away in this. So I tell myself they are all built for this.  They really are.

As the weather is about to descend into the very depths of Hell, I am trying to be confident that everyone will be ok, even if I can’t get out to give them their buckets.

Obviously we will do our utmost in the lulls to get out to check everyone and distribute what is necessary but as the buckets only contain no actual calories, just vitamins and minerals, they are not urgent. Everyone has plenty grass too.

(I won’t lie, I am dreading the next few days.  I mean Force 12 ffs! That’s 11 on a guitar amp! Meanwhile, in every waking thought I am busy doing deals with the Gods to get Daisy and Floss home safely for Christmas and thoughts and prayers for the electricity to stay on too!)

6 thoughts on “Shelter

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Will say prayers and also keep my fingers crossed (covering all bases!) that your daughters reach you , that the weather is not as horrendous as forecasted and that there are no dramas over the Christmas period! We’ve had two days of strong winds , the only advantage being some drying up of the fields and tracks. Not long until the shortest day…..

    1. Frances Post author

      Fuel storage and costs and what do you decide to run? Generators are not cheap, either. We think about it at the time and then do nothing and manage.

      Last time the electricity went off for two weeks, even those with generators were stuck as much as us after a while.

      1. Kris

        I did wonder what might be available in your area to use for fuel. We fortunately have a choice of natural gas line, gasoline or propane tanks where I live. And yes, it is expensive to have a whole house generator, though a smaller one to run lights, a heater and fridge is the choice for many here. We lost power for 13 days after a hurricane and would have been OK except we had to shut down our generator after a few days due to it being installed too close to a window and leaking carbon monoxide into the house. We had previously asked the installer to move it farther away but he kept procrastinating until that nearly fateful day. It’s now up on a hill 40 feet away and serviced by a different company.

        Maybe in the near future a solar panel/battery setup might be the way to go. Then again, that wouldn’t be cheap either. 🙁

          1. Kris

            Wind turbine? Unfortunately also expensive.
            Just hate to see someone who is so kind and generous suffer.

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