The Rubber Chicken Mystery

In the post today was a huge Amazon box containing three squeaky rubber chickens and a box of dog treats – another normal day in the Thordale household then!

There was no card or anything so whoever you are, thank you very much.  I knew just who they were for.  We spent our day testing the chickens on everyone!

Having tried out on the ponies at Thordale, we went over to Leradale armed with two rubber chickens (BeAnne wanted to keep one) and some apples.

Hetja was intrigued, though she preferred the apples.  She likes The Littlies but only from a distance with a fence in between.

Brá was not sure, though, and gave the chickens a wide-berth.

However, the Minions were on excellent rubber-chicken playing form though I think these fabulous new additions to their toybox will be more fun in the spring and summer.

As ever, they were also on tremendous hugging form too.

I love the light the snow gives, so I made the most of it and took some photos of everyone’s smiley little faces.

Is there anything better than a Minion smile?  I mean, is there?  Really?  They are all enchanting.


Even Lyra was making an effort.

She is very, very beautiful.

After exhausting all rubber-chicken opportunities, Daisy and I climbed the hill to go home.  We took our rubber chickens with us for fun another day.

They will live in the car as BeAnne is now hysterical about the last two and wants them all for herself.

My house squeaks a lot!

And to the mystery Rubber-Chicken sender – Best Present Ever!  Thank you so much from all of us xx

12 thoughts on “The Rubber Chicken Mystery

  1. Linda

    Well done, whoever sent the rubber chickens! No surprise they’d be a big hit with the Minions…but BeAnn’s obsession is a surprise. You never know, eh?
    And I’m hard pressed to choose between which is best: horsey smiles all around or those wonderful-looking hugs!!

  2. Susan

    Couldn’t pick a fave even if I tried, all so lovely. Funny, I nearly bought my Mini’s a rubber chicken just yesterday. Now wish I had!

  3. Roberta

    They are funny with new things.
    A few years back we arrived back with the Clydie and wondered what the Shetlands were looking at. and they kept nose prodding and jabbing with their feet. Went in to find a dead rabbit. The rabbis eat what spills around their legs, so we think they may have stomped on it…
    .The faces said..”it squeaked the first time” but its broken now…said toy was removed…

  4. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Such a great post today. I love the rubber chickens and especially love how everybody is reacting to them! Also just love the pictures of all the beautiful horsey mugs. I can’t decide which one I love most. They’re all so great. You take great pics! Thanks so much for a terrific blog with always awesome pictures.

  5. Nancy

    Love your video!! And beautiful photos as always. =)
    Is that Lyra playing with the rubber chickens and figuring out how to make them squeak?! So funny!!
    They all seem to have such lovely personalities. I wish I could visit them all in person!

  6. Sam

    Love how the ponies react to “is this an odd colored carrot?” And Silver’s glazed over eyes when Flossie found the sweet scritching spot.


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