The Return of Vitamin and little BeAnne update

We are all constantly by BeAnne’s side.  Her prescribed strict bedrest means that someone has to be with her 24/7.

Today as it was a nice day, if a bit windy, I decided BeAnne should snuff up some fresh air. Everyone knows that Fresh Air is good for you.  I carried her to the school for an hour.  She has a bed there.

Lambie was thrilled to see her, if a teensy bit jealous of all the attention she received.


Meanwhile Vitamin has come home.  She spent the spring/summer in a Fat Fighter Field away from home.


Now she looks good and is spot on to go into winter.


It was very interesting watching the herd’s reactions to Vitamin’s return.


Lyra was less than impressed at her seeing her mother.  She wants to rule the world, or at least her friends.


However, Fivla was absolutely thrilled to see Vitamin.


She spent much of the afternoon sniffing (pervy sniffing as we call it!).  I don’t think Vitamin recognised the hippopotamus that once was her photoshoot friend. That Fair Isle jersey ain’t got a prayer at the moment. The buttons that kept the sweater together would have someone’s eye out.

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The Minions, however, were vaguely interested in Vitamin – after all, they spent the winter with her last year – but quickly learned that Fivla wanted Vitamin to herself.


Tiddles even managed to look handsome.


He quickly wandered off.


More than anything, Vitamin wanted to talk to her old friend Delia.


Everything is now back to normal.


Now, to lose some weight.  Lots of weight, please!


Fatty fat fat fat!

3 thoughts on “The Return of Vitamin and little BeAnne update

  1. Darby

    it seems that BeAnne is holding her own and that is very good news! Your little herd of ponies looks very good indeed, even is some appear to have a little extra adorableness!

  2. Linda K

    Love and hugs to Be-Anne and I hope your own recovery is progressing and you get some relief from your awful headaches.
    Everyone all together again and they look great..

  3. Sam

    Glad to hear BeAnne still has her appetite and can potty. Not having a Universal Translator for our critters is difficult when they are not well. But seeing your girls (padding or not) back at home was a treat! We all adore the Minions, but I do also adore these ladies. Keeping you and BeAnne in our thoughts back here in Connecticut.


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