BeAnne Update and Fatties

Ok, firstly, the BeAnne update….

Last night she couldn’t stand at all, collapsing and full of ACP so we let her rest and if she pee’ed, well she pee’ed.  She was slightly incontinent – I worry about input and output.
She ate her supper happily enough but refused any water.  BeAnne has always been a good drinker (just like her Muzzah) so, after offering her water and being refused, I whizzed up a teaspoonful of cat food with water and she happily drank that down.

But what goes in must come out and BeAnne is a very private person about her toilet.  I tried manual expressing her bladder with some success but she was still obviously uncomfortable. At about 23:00, I went off to get changed for bed while Flossie stayed with her. BeAnne tried” to follow me and “walked”, if very wobbly.  With that knowledge, I picked her up and took her to the garden where she immediately squatted and had the most ginormous pee.  Brilliant.

OH brought down a single mattress and we slept together in the sitting room.


This morning, first thing I carried BeAnne to the garden where she pee’ed and then poo’ed.  As long as this method works, that is two healthcare hurdles cleared.

My little precious heaven has spent the rest of the day lying on the mattress, with either me or Daisy in attendance.  It is all she wants.  She tells us when she wants to go out and she is carried outside to do her business and carried her back in. I have not sedated her and have decided we will only do this if she is distressed/restless.


⾺ 🐴 ❤ 🐾 ⾺ 🐴 ❤ 🐾 ⾺ 🐴 ❤ 🐾 ⾺ 🐴 ❤ 🐾

One thing I had to do was move the Minions and Lyra into the Fat Fighters Field, where Fivla and Delia had already taken up residence last night.

Fivla has turned into a hippo and she must be thinner quickly or it will kill her.


The Minions have not met Fivla before and they politely introduced themselves.


Storm was in love.


Fivla was not impressed.


Anyway, everyone could do with losing some rotundness.

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Being Thordale ponies, they all instantly got along without fuss.


(I am thrilled BeAnne can pee and poo outside and that Fivla is home – little things, little things)

15 thoughts on “BeAnne Update and Fatties

  1. Linda

    It IS the little things, isn’t it? One step (or carry out to the garden) at a time…thank you for the update, you are the best dog mom ever…

  2. Peter Mehlin

    Good news about BeAnne, that is a major first step. And the fact that she is eating is a good sign. I hope for a fast recovery.

  3. Cathy

    Good news that she can pee and poo, that is more than a little thing for her recovery. She looks so sweet lying next to you, and such a good girl.
    Her Maj has a world wide fan club, as well as a loving family, and like everyone else, I keep checking for updates.

  4. Linda K

    That’s all good news, isn’t it. Here’s hoping she continues to improve soon. I’m sure you are a great comfort to her at the moment. Sending love and best wishes for you both. xx

    So glad to see Fivla home again. I always thought she had the most kind expression.

  5. liz o connor

    Peeing and pooing, eating and getting water in, all very major things. Hope ye get a good sleep tonight and that things are even another bit better tomorrow morning.

  6. Susan

    Great news, so happy she doesn’t need sedating. Everything crossed for Her Maj may her recovery be swift, she knows she is surrounded by love.

  7. jane

    I haven’t been on your blog for a while so have missed about Beanne – I so hope her recovery continues. I’m sure she’ll be getting strength from all of you around her.xx


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