The Primroses have Arrived

This is one of my favourite sights – walls of wild primroses (Primula vulgaris) growing either side of the burn which flows through my fields and eventually, a quarter of a mile later, down to the sea.

The primrose is called the Mayflooer in Shetland dialect, which suits these dear little flowers perfectly.

Seeing them everywhere in Shetland instantly puts a smile on my face.  Spring is finally really and truly here and it is staying (pretty please).

These past few days, it has become much warmer – my winter woollies are almost put away (I just need to wash them first) and I haven’t worn a thermal in a while.  Soon Her Maj wil have her yearly brush with a stripping comb. This photo does not do her justice.  Her fur in places is 5″ long especially around her neck – she has a lovely ruff.

Yesterday, when I was taking these pics, BeAnne took herself off for her customary dip.

She loves swimming and always insists on diving in at every occasion.  My little girl is 13 years young.

The other reason I know it is Spring is because Taktur is busy mooching about looking moody and mysterious.  He is very handsome.

Far far away is the hint of “wimmin”.

Though it is his daughter, so we don’t discuss that.

Yay, no more winter.  All gone.  We did it.

4 thoughts on “The Primroses have Arrived

  1. Jean

    Well done – we all managed through another winter. Now we can feel the sun on our backs ( between showers)

    Taktur is very handsome indeed!

  2. louise

    we walked up at St Abbs head last weekend and there were loads of primroses on the slopes before the cliffs, spectacular. We have a fine display here as well.

  3. Sam

    No primroses in New England just yet, only the daffodils have appeared. Lovely moody stud you have, even if his wimmen nose is pointed in the wrong direction.


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