The Odd Couple

I have been asked by Taktur’s trainer to get more grass into him as he is lacking energy and “willingness”.


I looked around for a suitable companion and I have to say I struggled.


Klaengur looks like a Comtois horse after just 12 hours in The Fat Field.


The rest aren’t much better either.

In theory, I should put all the Minions in with Taktur but they have a very bad habit of crawling under all the internal fences to get to other fields, leaving Taktur on his own, which he would hate.

So I chose just one Minion – Storm, who could always do with a bit extra because he is speshul.


So after Taktur’s brekkie, I put them both into The Fat Field, where Taktur stood bemused for a while and Storm got down to the necessaries.


Taktur is impossible.  He is not food-orientated at all.  Not like some *** cough, Kappi, Iacs and Haakon, cough ***

Taktur would rather sit and sniff the flowers in the field.

It is just the way he is.  He’s always been Ferdinand the Bull.


So, I left them to it and I hope Storm does not creep under the fence as is his wont!

BN2A0544 BN2A0546

Oh yes, and I heard a very odd noise outside the backdoor, so I crept outside with my camera to be confronted by the Shetland version of the Hitchcock film, The Birds.


The noise was very loud and very ominous (as I now remembered the plot of this film).

BN2A0484  BN2A0487 BN2A0490 BN2A0495 BN2A0497 BN2A0500 BN2A0511

I think that is what is known as a Murmuration of Starlings and luckily they all flew away.

Ugh, I hate that film.  Too scary for me.

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