Waves or Ponies?

Because today was quite possibly one of the hottest days of the year in Shetland (20 degrees on my car thermometer) plus a nice Force 7 breeze for cooling, we (me, younger daughter and friend) went looking for impressive waves to photograph.

On our way to our pre-determined location, I stopped to take a photo of “a fine example of Neolithic field patterns” at Browland (according to my passenger who knows these things).


And then onto Westerwick for the immense waves.


Sadly there were none to be seen – just a flat calm which was disappointing because when we planned this trip on the phone this morning, we had taken into account the tide, wind direction and everything.

But, apparently there is no Atlantic swell, despite the 48 hours of Force 7-8 so, therefore, no waves.



Ack, who cares.  We had a lovely lunch out, went home and walked the dogs with the sheep, like you do and got an odd look from a car driver.  I then had to go and take some photos of Shetland ponies (always a chore) for a friend.

Today it was mares and foals.


I couldn’t stay long as I am going out tonight.



My social whirl is never ending today!


2 thoughts on “Waves or Ponies?

  1. Cate

    The photos of Westerwick look so much like many parts of our east coast (Newfoundland). If you want waves, we can send you waves. This is where the Atlantic swells are born! haha 😉

  2. Sam

    Such a full calendar you have! Me? Work, then off to make several hundred tiny sandbags for an art gallery.
    No waves, no ponies just hot and very humid in Connecticut. And we can also send some waves your way.


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