The Mud Monsters

The Minions (plus the two Icelandic girls, Lilja and Sóley) want to live 24/7 in mud. They tell me this every day when I visit.

So, subsequently, they are all revolting.

Obviously, there are degrees of revolting.

But, it is winter, we are in Shetland so ergo, we have mud.

Quod erat demonstrandum, as Vitamin would probably say because she is old and therefore speaks Latin.

These poor little hard-done-by ponies, also happen to live in a 50 acre field that has grass and even a lovely stream trickling prettily through.

But no, the Minions must live in mud. They love mud.  It is their thing.  It drives me mad.

After the daily carrot (and Fivla’s TurmerAid), I tell them to go and find the grass.

And, who knew, there was grass?

Oh the joy!

Oh, the happiness!

I swear this lot have the collective brains of a bunny rabbit!  Yes, they do.

Vitamin.  Go away!

This is my daily winter job. No one actually has to stand in mud when you have 50 acres of grass to eat, stand and poop in! Fer cryin’ out loud – (bangs head against the wall!)

3 thoughts on “The Mud Monsters

  1. Sam

    The Mud Monsters know two things – 1) you will arrive at this location with the beloved carrots. 2) Mud makes Mum mad so mud it is.

  2. annie vanderven

    they know like some women if you take mud bath you avoid wrinkles, is that a myth? let me know if this worsk as I am in dire need!!!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Hilarious that they love the mud and refuse to get out and explore until you yell at them to get moving! Then you get the greatest pictures of leaping, frolicking horses! Such a bunch of crazies!!!


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