All Gone!

Enough was enough.  Today, as it was nice and calm, I asked Floss to walk with her Magic Bag of Carrots into the hill field.

Of course, she was enthusiastically followed, which is what I was anticipating.

Up into the hill they all went with me and my long lens straggling behind.

And then they, to a horse, all walked off and left Floss behind.

Suddenly Newt (and Waffle) remembered why they had been following Flossie and turned round to ask for their carrots.

They are all very lucky Floss has such a good moral compass and sense of fair play, or Flustice as we call it!  She walked up the hill for them.

The carrots were duly dished out.

And then off they all went again, giggling (note Newt’s bouncy bottom)!

I am pleased the herd is now in this field.  It is like they forget it exists as they are always so pleased when they get there.

So, on our way back, Floss and I shut the gate between the two fields – there will be no more lurking in the mud around the house for a while.  Give it a rest.

We turned back around to see where everyone was and they’d vanished.

Floss and I spent a good few minutes looking at the field (we can see 95% of it from the derelict house) and nope, not a horse or pony to be seen.  I am of the opinion (“Expert Alien Scientists say…..”) that this is another branch of the Bermuda Triangle and that there are 10 ponies sitting on a beach in Bermuda now.

Well, good luck with that!

4 thoughts on “All Gone!

  1. Dona

    Such a great post! The photos of the countryside and the colorful, happy horses. I would love to live in the abandoned stone house! Could you restore it, too. (I know you want to) and make it into a longterm B&B for the rest of us? 🙂

  2. diane in northern wis

    What a great blog. I love all the pictures and commentary, Frances…and the ending where all of a sudden, everybody seems to have vanished. I can picture them all on a beach somewhere. You made me smile….a nice way to end my day. Thank you!


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