The Morning After the Night Before

Last night was the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest – the highlight of my year – and, as usual, we as a family (except for OH who sat in the kitchen watching football or something) celebrated in true style.

I know it was a good evening because I don’t actually remember taking some of these photos!

We introduced Monster/Vlad to Eurovision and he thoroughly entered into the spirit of the evening by immediately sitting on the score sheets!

He wasn’t budging for anyone.

Apart from a rather irritating Norwegian flag!

Once extracated, the score sheets were quickly distributed and we all had one to complete as the evening progressed.

Floss had spent the afternoon creating sushi – the perfect accompaniment to the evening and one that has become a Thordale tradition.

There was much interest in the sushi – fish and vegetarian.  Clever Floss.

And I made The Cake!  Chocolate mousse between two Victoria sponges with a raspberry cream topping.

I think the evening went well. I don’t remember much!

9 thoughts on “The Morning After the Night Before

  1. Margaret Robinson

    We obviously need to time our trips to Shetland better! Whether you remember or not, all that went on, you and family (minus OH) had a great time.

  2. Sam

    The cake looks yummy! Monster looks like his coat is very soft. And Eurovision was one of the highlights from my 1st trip to the UK. Watched at a B&B in the Cotswolds. So very different from US tv shows.


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