Always Checking

We check our horses daily.

(Silver was flat out fast asleep, then woke up and saw us.  He immediately stood up – my three original Minions looking so well.  Always friends.  It makes my heart warm to see them together like this.)

The others were not very far away, mooching about and grazing.  We were surprised to see them in the hill park as the gates are open to the greener side.

Lilja looks like a supermodel compared to her new and obviously devoted admirer, Tiddles.

She is a very pretty girl with a gorgeous head and expression.

And yes, we’d brought carrots.

Tiddles is not very good with a whole carrot – he prefers them cut up into manageable sizes – and managed to drop his down the other side of the old drystone wall.  I saw him searching desperately so I fetched it out for him.  He was most grateful.

Then we sat on the rocks to chat with those that wanted to.  Despite being well into Spring now, there was a brisk wind taking all the warmth away.

Watch Waffle’s nosey making investigations worthy of an elephant’s trunk.

Lots of kisses bestowed.

I could sit all day with this herd.  It is always entertaining.

Anywho, they all seem fine and no one is missing the big mares at all.

Again, it is another case of mother, what mother?

So all is good here.

8 thoughts on “Always Checking

  1. Linda

    Everyone looks so relaxed and happy. Tiddles especially cute!
    And that second photo of the Minions takes me back to when you rescued them from that muddy field…

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, heart-warming to see my little boys now. All well and fit (and fat). We went thru’ hell at the beginning with worry. It was very touch and go at one stage.

  2. Terri

    The Three Amigos! It makes me so happy to see the original Minions together, looking well, fit, and happy. I’m so glad you kept Silver. I love seeing how affectionate your ponies and horses are with humans! (carrots or no carrots)

  3. diane in northern wis

    So glad everyone is doing well…they all look happy to see you always!….and your carrots! Your pictures are always beautiful.

  4. Sam

    I have missed seeing Tiddles, so thank you for his lovely face time. And yes, The Minions are worlds away from the condition they were in when they arrived. Well done, Frances and family.


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