The Last Four

This afternoon was perfect for going over to the Minions’ field to rasp the last of the feet.

I started with Albie who was a very good boy.

He stayed tied up, not bothering to mention that everyone else had galloped off.  I brushed his mane and tail and rasped all four hooves.  Afterwards we walked down to the next field to find his friends.

Now in the next field, I swiftly caught Silver who not helpful.

Some days are better than others with Silver.  He is an enigmatic chap and sadly we did have a discussion about picking up back hooves nicely.  I made my point – he didn’t put up too much of a fight and behaved.

Third on my list was Newt. He hates having his hooves trimmed.  It is usually a four-man-rugby-tackle-jobby.  Today, however, I had The Reformed Newt (possibly now the name of a gastro-pub somewhere in East Anglia).

He was a delight, picking up his little hoofs one at a time for me to trim without argument, biting or kicking out.  There was a nose-kissey for every hoof rasped and a big hug at the end.

And lastly, Storm.

It did not go well but I did win.  Four hooves are now rasped to my satisfaction and his mane and tail brushed.  Someone was shouted at for refushing to keep their hooves on the stand and then wearing the stand.  He knows better and I was cross.

Anyway, we made our peace and I left him scrushling through the equipment, picking it up and putting it down, muttering to himself.

Daisy had finished picking ragwort from the next field so we opened the gate and shouted for everyone to come through.


We left them eating themselves to a standstill.  My back hurts but my Painpod is working overtime now doing much good.



8 thoughts on “The Last Four

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    Back hurting? No surprise whatever shape your back was in to begin with!!! Well done on getting them done! I admire you.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Wonderful story and great pictures, Frances. You are one determined soul. Good for you. You got the job done!


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