Plural Doofus

What is the plural for doofus?

Doofusses, doofi, doofæ, dooferi, dooferetti?

I need to know because here are two of this breed.

Today Dreki and Efstur were wicked and I am cross with them.  As you can see, on the right BeAnne has appeared in their field.  She follows me everywhere and I stupidly didn’t think when I went into the field that she would appear.  She usually knows here own limitations and is very aware of her safety.

But today she came too so I shouted “go home” and of course she didn’t quickly enough, obedience not being her strength.

So then I prayed to all the Gods that the Doofi would not notice BeAnne in their field, my heart sinking knowing full well what could happen.

The boys, realising something was going on which they could possibly make worse, followed my gaze to see BeAnne sitting near them.

At this stage I was worried but luckily Daisy,hearing me shout BeAnne’s name in a rather panicky cross way, came running out of the school, grabbed my disobedient terrier out of the field and saved the day.  To be fair on BeAnne, she had started to go home just very slowly and sulkily not realising she was in danger of being chased.

A big phew!  Next time I will make sure BeAnne can’t follow me.  Dreki and Efstur would’ve been less than helpful.


4 thoughts on “Plural Doofus

  1. Sam

    Two doofus determined terrier = a mightly freaked outed Mum. How quickly one’s blood pressure can rise and fall. Whew!

  2. diane in northern wis

    So glad everything ended up ok. Thank God Daisy heard you yelling and came to help. You had me scared! All’s well that ends well.


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