The Icelandic Boys Today

It is lovely to see the green grass growing.  It has been slow to start as it was a strange spring/summer but we have not been as drought-hit as those south on mainland Britain.

During the day our Icelandic boys are divided into the fatties and non-fatties.

In the fatty field are Iacs, Kappi, Haakon (and Klængur who was somewhere away eating).

These boys are only in this field for a few hours, mostly for convenience and to stop them having a bloated grass belly – these are the horses being ridden or need something.

Mostly they sort of “volunteer” ie Flossie goes in and leads them through while they are thinking about wandering in.

They don’t really mind and don’t try to evade her morning routine.  The upside is that they have some time off from the youngsters.

Meanwhile, down in the non-fatty field, Taktur tries to hang out with the cool kids.

Hjalti is still having none of this and so Taktur stays around the edge of his circle of friends.  There is the occasional shout as they bicker but it has mostly stopped and life is calm.  We can’t let Taktur join the non-fatties as a) he does not need to lose weight and b) he would gaze at his mares. They live in my field across the scattald.

If the bickering turns into all-out war then we will think again and possibly move Hjalti.  Perhaps he can go back to living with his mother, Hetja, and learn how to respect his elders and not try to beat the crap out of them.


7 thoughts on “The Icelandic Boys Today

  1. Sam

    What a lovely picture of three gentlemen resting in the field! As for the young non-fattie – some boys need tough lessons in manners. And some Handsome Dudes need a group of guys hang out with and brag abut his mares. Good luck sorting them out.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    There is an anomaly in one of your pictures. In the last one of the 3, above Taktur, with the them lying down there is something that looks to be on the backside of the middle Icelandic (Haakon?). It may be part of a stone wall, but can’t tell. Interesting.

    All look happy and at least somewhat content.


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