The Horrid Cough

Guess who is home?

Yup, little Storm…..


…… And his friend……


….. Tiddles (or Tids, as he is known).


Storm has a hacking cough, which I was hoping was a viral infection that would go away on its own.  But, sadly, no.  The cough seems to be bacterial and is not going anywhere unless I treat it with antibiotics.  So Storm, who is showing the worst symptoms, and Tiddles , who is Storm’s best friend, have come home to Thordale o be jabbed with a stingy antibiotc.  I would love to say that both are very good about this but I would be lying.

Tiddles, darling boy, of course, is fine.  He lets me bung the injection in, no fuss, and no performance (I love this little man).


Sadly,  Storm is a big girl’s blouse.  I favour the bottom to give an intramuscular injections, but with Storm, his bottom bounces, with a threatening kick,  We had words and I won my argument. I don’t know how long this will last as the antibiotic treatment is for five days.


So, today, Storm began his treatment.  He had his first injection (as did Tids) and some cough linctus (which Storm said would do no good, but actually hs helped hugely) – bloody boys.

Storm seems to be professionally ill with few symptoms.  Apart from attacking his fieldmates, hence why I took him into quarantine at Thordale,  I have never seen this behaviour from him so something is very wrong.


Please, healing vibes  for this little argumentative boy who tried to kick me when I gave him an intra-muscular antibiotic injection (and his friend who I am treating in case he starts to cough).

Of course, therapy for the injection involves a huge amount of hugging and telling a small piebald Shetland pony that his mother loves him and his behaviour is difficult.  In five day’s later, I will probably be a shell of my normal self.

6 thoughts on “The Horrid Cough

  1. Linda K

    I hope he recovers soon. Poor wee man, I’m not sure how amenable I’d be to a jab in the bottom. But brave Tiddles.

  2. Linda

    Aw, you know they’ll forget all about it after it’s over, and you’re recovering… 😉

    Still, good vibes sent; antibiotics usually kick something like this out of the park – at least they’ve worked for me.

  3. Sam

    Sending healing vibes to both Little Men. Perhaps an expanding type of treat to go with the stinging needle jab would help?


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