Lambie goes A-Visiting

Yesterday, I knew a friend was visiting my neighbours so I phoned to see if they would like a visit.

Apparently, they would.

Since Lambie has been sheared/shorn/whatever, his cob-sized headcollar is a bit loose but he pottered along happily with it.  I only put it on to stop him from eating my neighbour’s beautiful garden!  Lambie is rather partial to flowers.


En route, we practiced our “winning smile”.


Willie and Evelyn were thrilled to see Lambie.


They totally understand caddie lambs – they are part of the family.


Gwen, who was visiting, had a good chat with Lambie.  She, too, had a caddie lamb called Jacob and Lambie did his best to remind her of the friendship of sheep.


It was hot indoors, for Lambie, so he sat down, while we had a cup of tea and a good chat.


BeAnne sulked gently on the sofa (as ever, she likes all the attention to be on her).


I was very proud of Lambie. He behaved beautifully and did not put a cloven hoof wrong – polite, kind and very loving.  There was no barging, no attention-seeking and a huge amount of generosity and patience.  He was even almost continent (I brought an incontiniece pad with me which was plonked underneath him when he did the world’s biggest pee).



Being crofters, Willie and Evelyn took it all in their stride.


Evelyn brought Lambie some water to drink (hugely appreciated) as well as some fizzy apple juice (not quite so appreciated, but worth a try).


Having put the world to right, had a good chat, a cup of tea and made ourselves totally at home, I thought we had better not outstay our welcome and so we said our goodbyes and walked home.


‘Ster was pleased to his Lambie again.  If ‘Ster could walk happily on a lead, rather than have a total hissy fit, then he could come too.  At the moment, this is not to be.


Darling Lambie – so proud (sniff).

7 thoughts on “Lambie goes A-Visiting

  1. Terri

    You have such a lovely life! Lambie gives back what he has received. Good call by you on bringing an i-pad (no, not the trademarked kind).

  2. Linda K

    I haven’t seen Lambie from this perspective before, he’s much bigger than I thought. BeAnne looks very much at home. I can’t be doing with people who object to dogs on the sofa.

  3. Linda

    Oh, good sweet boy! And to be surrounded by people who appreciate what sweetheart he is!
    (He looks much taller without his fleece.)


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