Hjalti’s Hoof

Thank the Gods for Hetja.  She is the best mare ever – kind, considerate, gentle and easy to work with.


Therefore, her son, Hjalti, who is not particularly sociable, follows his mum everywhere and lets me dress his infected fetlock.


We have a routine.

I catch Hetja,  She makes wuffley noises when she sees me (ok, I have a carrot) and then I lead her over the hill to the stable with Hjalti bouncing along beside her.


I would have no chance of catching Hjalti in his field – he is very uncooperative but Hetja is amazingly helpful.


Once in the stable, I put out two buckets of something and leave mother and son to relax while I boil endless kettles.


Once Hjalti has lost interest in his bucket, I sidle up to him and catch him.  He tries everything not to be caught but in a stable, there is nowhere to run and I succeed.

Hetja watches and does not interfere.


My OH then come in to help.  After I have tied Hjalti to the gate, OH entertains and diverts the front end, while I unwrap the bandages and remove the dressing.  Then I put Hjalti’s foot in the bucket to soak in the hot water for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, OH is introducing Hjalti to the hard stuff – carrots!


The abscess has burst but the area is still inflamed and smelly.  I redress the fetlock with animalintex, vetrap with a covering of gaffer tape.  Then there is the antibiotic injection.


OH leads Hetja and I lead Hjalti back to their field, over the hill.  On some days, Hjalti leads nicely and on others, I am flying a kite.


So thank the Gods for Hetja.  Without her, Hjalti would never let this be done.


It is good for him.  Hjalti has learned to be tied up, caught and to not make a fuss about his leg being dressed.


7 thoughts on “Hjalti’s Hoof

  1. Rebecca Final

    they are both truly beautiful. Momma’s face is positively angelic. Although it is awful baby hurt himself, it is wonderful that he is learning these lessons.

  2. Terri

    These two are especially beautiful horses….Great news that Hjalti is improving, as well as learning how to accept humans. Aren’t you glad that he didn’t injure himself when he was a new foal and his mama might not have let you near him? (I recall how protective she was.) Any clue as to how he got punctured?

  3. Linda

    Well done! What a beautiful “lady” and terrific mom Hetja is!

    (Loved that comment about being led by Hjalti like a flying kite. Have had some dog walks like that…)

  4. Sumiko Keay

    What a lovely mother-son pair. I’m glad that Hjalti is being a (mostly) good patient. Heal quickly little boy!


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