The Girlzenberries

The two rescue girls are coming along very well now.  They come when they are called or only have to see me and arrive shouting for food and/or company.

Even Madge, who was initially very shy, is coming out of her shell.  You can see her eyes are much softer and far less scared.

Rather alarmingly her wool is falling out but, according to my sheep expert (the postie), this shows that her diet is good and her general health is improving.  Her body is getting used to the improvements.

Edna (the alleged mother of Madge) is learning her manners – it is work-in-progress and she knows I will explode if she sets foot in the feed shed or walk on my heels to get her bucket of breakfast.

I will admit to having a very short fuse these days (BeAnne worry) so everyone is wary of my explosions and  the upshot is that the Girlzens are quickly learning respect for the picket fence around me. I hate being nagged by bad-mannered animals.

Anywho, I am pleased that they are looking so much better. A regular good diet (breakfast and lunch of sheep mix plus a lick bucket and unlimited hay) is doing its job.

The mud is inevitable sadly this time of year but Madge and Edna arrive regularly at my front door for ginger biccies.  The boys are tolerating them admirably too.  No more bullying and butting – well, not if they want free access to the lick bucket.

7 thoughts on “The Girlzenberries

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Interestingly, almost all animals recognize when they need to back off or can approach. You are their “Mom” after all and deserve the highest rank of respect (besides, you hand out treats).

    Spring is almost here and though you probably get showers, hopefully it won’t be in the form of torrential downpours.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Are the sheep a specific breed, Frances? The girls seem different from the boys, but the boys don’t look as if they’re all the same either. Just curious. I know you’ve mentioned the differences in the fleeces previously. Fingers still crossed for BeAnne.

  3. Sam

    Nothing more irritating than an animal that pesters for food. Oh wait, I have a Maine Coon cat that does that very same thing for breakfast, 2nd breakfast (only if she ate her meds at 1st feeding), dinner and bedtime biccies. But I am glad the Girlzenberries are adjusting to you, good food and good manners. You have the touch for saving critters.

  4. May

    Took me a moment to work out “Girlzenberries”… Must drink more coffee…

    Hope everyone is doing well today.

  5. Linda Loba

    They both look so much better, Frances. It’s a delight to see, but not really a surprise, as I know they’re in your care…


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