Not Going Out Today

It was not a day for going out and Her Maj as been very lack-lustre today so we stayed in and I made sheeple while she slept.

When we got back into the house, however, she nipped up the stairs and had Monster’s tea!

Anyway, this is the view from my shed and you can see the ground is revolting, just turning to watery mud and mush while I watch.

The Boyzens came home this morning – the lure of their breakfast plus ginger biccies – and have been loafing around all day in their shed with a haynet. The Girlzens have a separate bedroom – (with wifi obviously), haynet and lick bucket.  ‘Bert visits often!

Tomorrow is looking better. I will try and get Her Maj out on another walk. I think it does her (and me) good. I haven’t felt like riding but I don’t think Klaengur is that enthused either.

Onwards, ever onwards.

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