Feeling Sorry For Myself

I am currently deciding whether I have tonsillitis (I thought I definitely had it last night at 03:00), a “strep throat” (ditto at 03:00) or a summer cold. My next door passenger on the Shetland plane home sneezed which I now realise was ominous.

So I am feeling grotty and getting grottier.

OH and Floss went to Lerwick for messages and were instructed to get sore throat lozenges, Lemsip and balsam tissues while I mooched about at home putting sunscreen on noseys and fly spray for those that needed.

Obviously BeAnne was a sympathetic carer.  Just from a distance and in residence in my shed.

Lambie turned up in the afternoon by himself in search of a biccie.  He gave me his best Winning Smile and I duly supplied a McVitie’s Digestive.

Exercise is good for the soul so I went for a walk taking Lambie and Her Maj with me.

On the road, BeAnne is on a lead. It is only right (and safe).

Now we are all in my shed listening to our new favourite music…..

Takashi Yoshimatsu [吉松 隆]: White Landscapes, Op. 47a, No 2 – Stillness in Snow: Moderato

Possibly the most beautiful piece of music I have heard for a long time.  I stopped the car when I first heard it.  One of those.

** cough, sniff, cough, sniff (ad infinitum with possible death at the end) **

7 thoughts on “Feeling Sorry For Myself

  1. Kerry

    Oh poor you : the stressful journey – as well as the plague ridden passenger – probably didnt help. Hope you feel better soon and that Be’Anne shakes a paw about being a ministering angel.

    And thank you for an introduction to a lovely piece of music I have never heard before. Listening to it on a beautiful evening with a view from my room of Sound is just about as close to perfection as you can get. Horses whinnying add something to the soundscape too.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery x

    1. Frances Post author

      I am so pleased you like the music. I was entranced and heard it on R3 this morning whilst driving to see Minions.

  2. Sam

    Getting sick right a traveling is not fun. What ever happened to BeAnne’s Nursing skills? Hard to do so far away. But Lambie still loves Muzzah….and her biccies.

  3. M in NC

    Get well soon. The walking will be good as long as the weather is passable.

    I don’t do well with over-the-counter stuff here in the U.S. So I usually try to drown the bug with all the fluids. Hot fluids for the congestion, Chicken Soup, Hot Tea with lemon, ginger, honey or spice tea with the same and Hot Chocolate( must keep up my chocolate intake ). Find something that works for you and stay hydrated. When its obvious that the bacterial infection is taking root, I do get myself off to the walk-in clinic or the Dr office, whichever is open and has a time slot. The object being not to let the invader get out of hand.

    M in NC

  4. Judith Garbutt

    Hope you feel better soon, Frances. Hopefully your weather will not be too bad over the next few days so you can have some fresh air if you’re feeling up to a walk.

  5. diane in northern wis

    Oh so sorry to hear you’re sick, Frances. Get well very soon! Travel oftentimes does that to people. What a shame. Hoping it’s not something serious, but just a nasty cold to get rid of!

  6. Louise Stopford

    Hope you put a bottle of gin on OH’s shopping list – works well for sore throats and colds. Get well soon.


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