The Expert Rider

I was told that horses cannot live in a garden – oh yes they can!  This is my OH’s sacred vegetable garden that he has given up on due to the vagaries of the Shetland growing season as well as the non-appearance of everything he planted one year.

Therefore, there is grass and I have some hungry horses.


I think equines suit the garden.  Much better than vegetables or flowers, if you ask me.


Having eaten down the veg plot, the horses all arrived, en masse, looking for something or someone.


To keep Her Maj out of any low-flying hooves or noseys, I plonked her on the back of Iacs.  She likes Iacs best.  He is used to being her chauffeur.


Captions needed for this photo, I think!


If  anyone takes the piss, she “has at them” fiercely.  BeAnne takes her riding very seriously, and rightly so.  Not everyone can ride, you know.


Haakon was officially told where to go and he didn’t care.  Been there, done that.

L1090331  L1090333

BeAnne settled herself down to a nice snooze on her favourite horse.  Daisy (who owns and rides Iacs) is now redundant.  He has a better jockey now.

L1090337 L1090341

Into the indoor school I go with a horse to work with.  I have followers who are not here to help but to mock.

L1090343 L1090347

BeAnne has jumped off Iacs, so I plonk her on Fakur who just looks, as usual, very, very embarrassed.


And off they go.  BeAnne has sat on Fakur since she was a puppy but he still is not sure of what he is supposed to do.


But BeAnne is not deterred by movement.  She rides better than most people I know.

(and, yes, she can even do a passable sitting trot)



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