The Donald

The snow has arrived big time.


So we called in all the horses and ponies to give them a feed as I have just about run out of silage, which is typical.


We tried on Taktur’s new-to-him rug for his après-work.  Of course, everyone, namely Indy PingPong, had to point and laugh but I think navy suits him and he looked very smart in it.


So we fed the lads and they were all very happy, calm and grateful with no fighting.  Our method is to spread buckets around the school and let them each find one.  There are a few spare for those that wander.  It works well as everyone has their space and, if bullied off, they can quickly and easily find another.

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Taktur had his speshul grub outside with the chickens (that war is still not over).


Meanwhile, Jo and Fiona had a good idea.  Apparently this was the right kind of snow for a snowman construction.


While the dogs ran about….


…. Jo and Fiona came over all artistic.


The foundations were taking shape…..


… when I suddenly realised who it could possibly be.


Can you tell who it is yet?  Seriously, you don’t know?  I mean that is a very striking resemblance imho.


Donald Trump!  Complete with syrup, eyes and mouth full of ….. yup, it is exactly what you think it is!


The horses had finished their food so we herded them back into their field whereupon Haakon  and Indy went all stallion-esque with “what is that thing in our field?”



Taktur, of course, being the cool dude that he is, didn’t care and sauntered up to The Donald.


Thus the others felt that maybe the snowman wasn’t as scary as they first thought.  The sort of “you go and look first we are right behind you” attitude!


Hammy circled about snorting because he is that kind of, well for want of a better word, idiot!


But eventually, it didn’t take long for them all to realise that The Donald was in fact made of shit with an edible something on his head!


And so we left them to it, with the bebbies investigating further….


… while their father watched on with suprised bemusement!


I will admit to sending some of the photos of The Donald to The Daily Mail for their entertainment, only to receive the reply “Loving your work, however, they may be a bit much for the paper.”


Their loss imho!  We even got his profile right and everything.  Anywho, I laughed til I cried and as The Reader’s Digest has always said “Laughter is the Best Medicine”.


8 thoughts on “The Donald

  1. Martine

    Even overlooking the humour, your photos today are especially FAB. I love the one of Hammy and the one above it of all the boys staring, eyes agog.

    1. Frances Post author

      That would make my day, no my year, no my life! Would he want us as his personal sculptors? We have the art, the knack and sum him up to a tee. Is it a criminal offence to make a snow likeness of someone?

  2. Lucy

    Fantastic, thank you for seriously cheering up my day – I nearly wet myself when I saw The Donald’s mouth was full of sh*t! I can’t believe the Mail didn’t dare publish the pic!!! Great response from the ponies too!
    Very best wishes, Lucy (of Banchory and occasionally Skeld)

  3. Linda

    Those ponies have enough good sense to be startled by The Donald! Super nice scenery of them in their snow coats – thanks Frances!!

  4. Cass

    I think this is very topical and you should republish this! I bet the DailyMail would print it now….

    (I am reading all your posts from the beginning, lovely way to spend an evening or a week of evenings I should say).


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